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How can I access the loan system?

Requirements to borrow books

Access to book loans is available only to SISSA users who stay at SISSA for at least one month. To enable a new user to borrow books, the library loan desk staff needs:

   1) a formal request/authorization by email (to from the office concerned (students' secretariat, Human Resources office…) or from the guest management program;

   2) that the user come personally to the Library loan desk to register and to provide some personal information (preferably on Mon, Wed & Thu 11-12, on Tue 13-14).

  • Users who stay at SISSA for more than six months can use the self-loan system. If you want to do so, before coming to the Library you are kindly recommended to go to the store office (floor -1, room S3 during the following hours:  Mon and Wed from 2 pm to 4 pm)  in order to personalize their SISSA badge (with photo & badge number). After this operation users have to provide their badge number to loan desk staff during their registration in the library database.

Information about loans and renewal limits

Ask the loan desk staff to give you information about your loan and renewal limits. Remember that, if you cannot come in person to the loan desk, you may ask for renewals by writing to

How to use the self-loan system

You can manage your loans by the self-loan system located in the library entrance hall only if your personalized badge number has already been registered in the library database by the loan desk staff (if you are not sure, please ask at the loan desk).

  • REMEMBER TO RENEW YOUR LOANS AT LEAST ONE DAY BEFORE THE DEADLINE otherwise you will not be able to manage your loans by yourself. In this case you have to come to the loan desk during working hours to return or to renew your overdue loans in person.

How to find books & journals in the library

- Books by topics: arrangement charts are available in the main library room (on the left side of the first shelf & on the noticeboard)
- Location of the printed journals: guides are available in the library entrance hall (on the wall near the windows) and on the noticeboard in the main library room.
- Find a book using its shelf location code number: guides are available in the library entrance hall (on the wall near the windows).


- No food or drinks are allowed. Users can bring only closable bottles of water inside the library.
- It is not possible to bring bags inside the library: these have to be stored in the lockers located in the library entrance hall. The loan desk staff allows access with bags only to those who are going to Blue/Red room for a meeting.