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How can the SISSA Discovery Service simplify my search for information?

The SISSA Discovery Service provides SISSA users with a single-search box for searching  quality and relevance resource (including books, journal articles, special collections, open access collections, database subscribed by SISSA library), peer-reviewed resources acquired by SISSA library and othe resources:

  • the internal SISSA collection (E-journals, ebooks,databases, thesis & papers, printed books & journals,);
  • external resources, information & databases (provided by EBSCO) regardless of item type, format or location;
  • sources of SISSA Discovery Service are academic journals, conference materials, SpringerLink, electronic resource, SISSA catalog, database acquired by SISSA Library (like MathSciNet, Scopus, WoS) and ArXiv, Medline, SISSA Digital Library and others academic sources.

The best strategy to find available ebooks

1)  Click on SISSA Discovery Service  then insert the author or title (or a part of it) of the ebook in the search box, or combined it with boolean operators;

2)  then select the option "SISSA Catalog Only" to limit your search to internal sources only, otherwise the search will be extended to an external database, which may provide information about the ebook, but not necessarily the access to the full text.

3)  On the “Search Results” page underneath the title of the book, you can find & select “Online Access” and/or “Find full text on another site”.

It provides some useful article search functions

Try searching for the article by its title on the SISSA Discovery Service page.

Unlike the Library catalogue, SISSA Discovery Service enables you to search inside a range of material types and sources simultaneously, including:

  • print and electronic books, journals and articles, multimedia, theses, repositories, newspapers, and more.

Your results are ranked by relevancy but for better results there are further options to refine and sort results by year, format, library location (for print items), subject disciplines or tags, and language. You can even limit to scholarly or electronic full text items.

If the article appears on the “Search Results” page:

you can obtain its bibliographic reference by clicking on its title, you might also be able to:

  • download the article,
  • check if the journal is in our printed collection,
  • automatically insert its bibliographic references into the Document delivery request  selecting “NOT in SISSA collection - ask for articles/books” instead of typing them by hand in the  Document Delivery (DD) request form.

More detailed information on how to find articles is available on How can I search & ask for articles starting from a part of their bibliographic references?


Relevance Ranking sits at the heart of a SISSA discovery service as users expect to find the best, relevant results right on the first page. EBSCO Discovery Service delivers the top results from a growing collection of content from publisher partners, catalogs and institutional repositories; it also has the ability to interface with web services in our institution and present data from these services to our users, offering a one-stop shop for all search needs.

With EBSCO Discovery Service™ (EDS)-SISSA Discovery Service, the highest quality information resources are available at your fingertips. To improve your experience with EDS, new content is regularly made available from the world's top publishers.