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Where in the library can I photocopy/scan/print?

In the library entrance hall a photocopier/scanner is available for SISSA users only.

How to scan a document

Users can scan documents and send the output (in pdf format) directly to a SISSA e-mail address.
The files can be sent ONLY to users who have a SISSA e-mail address. It is not possible to send scanned documents to external e-mail addresses.

Please note: It is not possible to send very big files as a single attachment.The number of pages that users can scan during a single operation depends on the resolution and other parameters (e.g. color/black&white) selected prior to scanning.

Deailed instructions are available in front of the photocopier/scanner.

How to print a pdf file

The photocopier is able to print documents in pdf format directly from a USB pen. The file has to be saved in the first two directory levels.
PDF files created using recent versions of some software might not be recognized.