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How can I access the loan system?

Requirements to borrow books

Access to book loans is available only to SISSA users who stay at SISSA for at least one month. To enable a new user to borrow books, the library loan desk staff needs:

   1) a formal request/authorization by email (to from the office concerned (Students' Secretariat, Human Resources office …) or from the guest management program;

   2) some user's personal information in order to insert it in the library database. The authorized user will be contacted by the loan desk staff ( to obtain the above mentioned personal information, without it it is not possible to activate the user's loan access.

   3)  Users interested to use the self-loan system, have to personalize their SISSA badge with their photo, BEFORE COMING to the loan desk (ask information to the badge personalization service:
The usage of the self-loan system depends on the registration of your badge number in the library database and a test of user's badge at the loan desk. Users who stay less than 6 months have to pay a fee when they get their SISSA badge, personalizing the badge the fee will not be refundable anymore.
After personalizing your badge, please come to the Library LOAN DESK during the following timetable in order to provide the information needed either to activate your loan access and enable your badge to use the self-loan system:
- Mondays & Tuesdays: 9-10,
- Mondays,Tuesdays & Thursdays: 12:30-14.

Ask the loan desk staff to give you information about your loan and renewal limits.

Users of the University of Trieste/Udine, whose presence at SISSA is not managed by the student's secretariat, can try to obtain access to the loan system using the following form: Admission & registration form for University of Trieste/Udine users. Please note: this form must be signed by a guarantor recognized by us. Please send the form to, then  provide the additional documentation that will be requested.

The SISSA library is processing personal data according to the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation) and the Italian legislative decrees 196/2003, 101/2018. See also