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How can I build a personal bibliography when using bibliographic databases?

How can I set up a bibliography with Zotero?

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A quick guide


How can I set up a bibliography with Web of Science?

Web of Science offers several tools in order to export your references. For some of them you need to pay (RefWorks, Mendely), other ones are free, such as “EndNote online”:

  • registration is required: in “my tool” (on the top the right of the screen) select EndNote
  • select your publications;
  • save on “EndNote online” (at the top of the screen);
  • once you are in the EndNote environment, you will be able to collect, organize and print your publications in different formats and styles;
  • Instructions

How can I set up a bibliography with Scopus?

In Scopus, once you have selected your references, you can:

  • from the results screen, click on “more” (at the top of the screen) and select “create bibliography” from a dropdown list;
  • choose the format and the appropriate style, then select “create”.

How can I set up a bibliography with the Google Scholar?

In Google Scholar you can:

  • select “Settings” on the top of the page;
  • in the bibliographic manager, select “show links to import citation into”;
  • in the drop down list, select your bibliography manager (for example BibTeX) and then Save.
  • on the results page, you will see a new link under each reference: “Import into…”;
  • click on “Import into…” for your chosen references;
  • a window will appear and you will able to save your references as well.
  • For bibliographic management of references there are also the following citation software available:

  • Mendeley
  • Zotero
  • RefWorks