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How can I reserve the Blue/Red room & use the projectors?

PLEASE NOTE: until informed otherwise, users are not allowed to access the main room and the RED and the BLUE room ARE NOT AVAILABLE


To reserve the blue or the red room, the users have to contact personally a loan desk/library staff member. Also the area secretariats are able to reserve the library rooms.
The student loan desk collaborators are not able to make reservations, they can only check the availability of library rooms.

The loan desk personnel will lend the remote control device of the projectors upon request. The users have to return the remote control device to loan desk after the meeting.

To prevent any damage to the projector, users must follow these instructions:
- Switch on the projector selecting the POWER ON button;
- Do not select / change any option;
- At the end of the meeting to switch off the projector you have to select STANDBY and when the message SPEGNERE is displayed, select STANDBY again. If the procedure is correct, the image on the screen will disappear.