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How can I reserve a book currently on loan to someone else?

Identify the book with the help of the loan desk staff. Then ask them to reserve the book for you.

Once the book is back into the library, you will receive an e-mail notification.
If you change your mind or you are not able to borrow it within a week, please inform

If you are not able to come to loan desk

Consult the SISSA catalog and check the status of the book. If it is "On Loan", ask to reserve the book for you.
Please remember to provide the following data: title & barcode of the book (it start with some zeroes, e.g. 00000000266262).

  • Please note: the Shelf Location code (e.g. 57.08 CEL) does not identify a book uniquely. In our Library there may be several books with the same shelf location code, but each book has a different barcode which identifies it uniquely.