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How can I search for & request articles?

The search tools explained on this page, E-Journals, SISSA Discovery Service & its basic search field (extended internal and external search), are available only through the internal SISSA network or the VPN connection.

To find the article when you already know the title and the journal

1) On the E-Journals page insert the title of the journal in the search field (SISSA users can access subscribed & open access journals, recent issues & back files, through one or more access "platform" links),
        a. if the journal appears, click on Full Text Access and choose the appropriate access "platform" link,
        b. if the journal does not appear, check anyway on the journal website, because the article could be freely available;
2) try to use Google Scholar (in this case insert the title of the article), by which you may find some open access and republished commercial articles;
3) check our printed collection through SISSA catalog (in the search field insert the title of the journal).
4) If you did not succeed with steps 1)-3), you can submit a Document Delivery (DD) request.

To find the article by inserting its title on the "search field

1) select the Title option,
2) then insert the title of the article (or a part of it)  in the search field (SISSA Discovery Service basic search),
3) at the end select the search icon. The search tool will look for it in the online & printed journals subscribed to by SISSA and in some external databases.
In the "Search Results" page: you may limit your search by selecting the Available Full Text option and/or by selecting a Source Type.

If the article appears in the index of the “Search Results” page, you can:

-  obtain its bibliographic reference by selecting on its title;

- try to download the article by selecting on one of the following links if they appear: “Full Text through LinkSource”, “Full Text Finder”, “Find full text on another site”,

- if “Printed journal available in the library” appears, click on it to check if the journal is in our printed collection (the tool harvests the ISSN code of the journal, so you do not have to type the journal title),

- you can automatically insert its bibliographic references into the Document Delivery request by selecting “NOT in SISSA collection - ask for articles/books” instead of typing them by yourself in the  Document Delivery (DD) request form. Anyway before submitting any (DD) request, try to find the article by using its journal title as explained in the previous section.


Try to use the SISSA Discovery Service advanced search when you have few information about the article

The search tool will look for it in the online & printed journals subscribed by SISSA and in some external databases.