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Publication fees

All information and requests for publication fees payment should be sent to, Stefania and Gerry will deal with them.

If you need your article publication fees to be paid, please give us these data:

 - Title of the article

- Authors

- Journal

- Publisher

- Cost

- % of charges

- a few reasons why you have chosen that journal

- Fund and “Unità di lavoro”

- Scientist in charge of the fund

- CUP (codice unico progetto)

- VAT exemption (if applicable)

- Are you paying for the Open Access option?

If there is a Manuscript Number, or an Order Code stated by the publisher, it will be precious to trace the order with the Publisher’s administrative staff.

Please note that an invoice is necessary to pay the fees, and that the invoice must quote specific data (VAT, CIG, CUP, PO) to meet Italian laws requests. If the Publisher has already sent you an invoice forward this to us, so that we can ask for an amended one.

If the Publisher requires you to fill in a payment form, please ask us for directions so that as little time as possible will be lost while asking for amended invoices.

Please note that Credit Card payment is generally impossible, Wire Transfer is the usually used method.

Use of Fondi Scuola, to pay publication fees:

The Delibera del Senato della Scuola (26.06.2012) states that: “hanno accesso all’iniziativa giovani ricercatori della Scuola con un posto non permanente (primo firmatario o ultimo), purché l’IF della rivista di pubblicazione sia superiore di almeno 1 punto dell’IF minimo definito dal GEV ANVUR per le riviste di classe A dell’ambito disciplinare. Affinché la spesa gravi sui fondi della Scuola, la stessa dovrà essere richiesta al momento dell’accettazione della pubblicazione dell’articolo da sottoporre al vaglio del Direttore che ne valuterà la congruenza.”

Thus: young non permanent researchers, first or last authors, may ask to pay publication fees with School Funds; the journal IF must be 4.5 or more. The request should be sent to the Director for evaluation and authorization.