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Publication fees


All information and requests for publication fees payment should be sent to

Please note that the following procedure should be started when you submit your article, or at least as soon as possible when you are reasonably sure that you will have to pay. Please do not wait for your invoice to be issued before telling us you have to pay!

Please give us these data:

- Title of the article

- Authors

- Journal

- Publisher

- Cost and % of charges (if the fees are not to be paid entirely by SISSA)

- a few reasons why you have chosen that journal

- Fund and “Unità di lavoro”

- Scientist in charge of the fund

- CUP (codice unico progetto)

- VAT exemption (if applicable)

- Are you paying for the Open Access option?


When the Publisher requires you to fill in a payment form, please ask us for directions so that as little time as possible will be lost while asking for amended invoices.

Please note that an invoice is necessary to pay the fees, and that the invoice must quote specific data (VAT, CIG, CUP, PO) to meet Italian laws requests. If the Publisher has already sent you an invoice forward this to us, so that we can ask for an amended one.

If there is a Manuscript Number, or an Order Code stated by the publisher, it will be precious to trace the order with the Publisher’s administrative staff.

Please note that Credit Card payment is generally not possible, Wire Transfer is the only accepted method (it may imply administrative costs, please check).

The SISSA library is processing personal data according to the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation) and the Italian legislative decrees 196/2003, 101/2018. See also


Use of Fondi Scuola to pay publication fees:

The Delibera del Senato della Scuola (21.05.2019) states that: “sono finanziate le spese di pubblicazioni di giovani ricercatori con posto non permanente che rispettano i seguenti requisiti (soggettivi e oggettivi):

Essere allieve/i e assegniste/i “scuola” che:

a) Sono in SISSA (allieve/i iscritti e assegniste/i con rapporto attivo) - o sottomissione entro 1 anno da difesa tesi o cessazione rapporto

b) Affiliazione richiedente solo SISSA, (solo current address esterno)

c) Il giovane ricercatore deve essere il contributore prevalente, individuato secondo le prassi disciplinari

Lettera sostegno PI che:

a) Dichiara che lo studio NON sia svolto nell’ambito di progetti finanziati che permettono il pagamento di spese di pubblicazione

b) Nel caso di ci siano docenti SISSA tra gli autori: non disponibilità di fondi, a vario titolo, su cui far gravare la spesa

c) Certificazione che il lavoro è stato svolto in SISSA

e inoltre:

a) Solo costi di pubblicazione (no open access a meno che l’open access non sia l’unica opzione possibile)

b) Requisito di eccellenza della pubblicazione e della collocazione (vedi lista.pdf)


Thus: young non-permanent researchers may ask to pay publication fees with School Funds, if:

He/she is a student or fellowship owner and

a) He/she is currently at SISSA (or has submitted the article no more than one year after leaving SISSA or discussing his/her PhD Thesis)

b) The affiliation should be SISSA (only current address may different)

c) The young researcher should be the main contributor

A letter from the PI should state that:

a) the research has not been carried out with grants providing publication fees

b) if SISSA professors are among the authors they do not have grants to pay for publication fees

c) the research has been carried out at SISSA


a) only basic publication fees may be paid with Fondi Scuola, Open Access fees may be paid only if this is the only accepted publication form

b) the journal must be considered “prestigious” (see list.pdf).