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Terms and conditions of use "of electronic bibliographic resources"

Commercial electronic resource subscribed by SISSA (e-journals, e-books, bibliographic databases) are protected by international copyright laws, database right laws, and other Intellectual Property Rights and may vary according to each Publisher's License Agreement.

The SISSA library subscribes to many full text digital resources. Access to them is governed by license agreements between SISSA and publishers or through Conference of Rectors of Italian Universities (CRUI)  and by international copyright rules.

Each SISSA Authorised User is responsible for conforming to the Terms and Conditions of Use of Licensed Work(s). The following uses are strictly prohibited:

  • Systematic downloading, printing, copying or distribution of parts of e-journals, e-books (printed or electronic copies of portions of the Licensed Works for any purpose except as permitted by law or as authorised by Licensor) or databases
  • Any commercial use of parts of e-journals or databases
  • Downloading complete volumes or issues
  • Using robots or net accelerators.
  • Permit anyone other than Authorised Users to access or use the Licensed Works and use all or any part of the Licensed Works for any Commercial Use.

The Library strongly advises users to verify whether other uses (distribution for noncommercial educational purposes, incorporation in Course Packs, self-archiving, use of images, etc.) are actually permitted or permitted with limitations (for example only upon Publisher’s explicit written permission). Publishers/providers constantly monitor the local overall activity. Should they detect a violation, access to their eResources may be immediatly suspended at their discretion penalizing the entire scientific community at SISSA.

Information about this may vary among publishers and may be found on each publisher's website (in documents usually called Terms of use or Licence Agreement).

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