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Where & how can I self-archive my PhD thesis and my papers?

You can archive your PhD thesis, your peer-reviewed scholarly articles, conference papers, book chapters, monographies in the IRIS-SISSA Digital Library (the institutional repository).

See the following links for the specific archiving instruction:

PhD theses

Instruction to upload theses

The final version of your thesis must be self-archived in pdf format at least two days before the date of your defence.
If you do not enter the requested references and upload the pdf file, you will not be allowed to defend your thesis.
This file will be considered the official version, it is temporarily unchangeable and will become accessible after your defence.
However, after defending your thesis, you can send a revised edition in pdf format to


Articles, conference papers, book chapters, monographies

Instruction to upload on the IRIS-SISSA Digital Library repository



In order to obtain a preprint number, please fill in the form.
To archive your preprint in SISSA Open Science send it to


For any doubt or question contact Stefania Cantagalli or Barbara Corzani at