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How can I manage my loans?

Only users already registered in the library database can access to loan.

Loans & returns

You can manage your loans by asking loan desk staff or by using the self-loan system located in the library entrance hall.

Please note: you can use the self-loan system only if your personalized badge number is in the library database.
If you use the self-loan system for returning books, leave them in the Red Box (placed near the self-loan system, on the left).

To avoid any kind of penalties PLEASE ALWAYS REPLY TO EMAILS.


The renewal of a book can be done:
    - at the loan desk,
    - by writing to asking for renewal,
    - if you are enabled to use the self-loan system, REMEMBER TO RENEW YOUR LOANS AT LEAST ONE DAY BEFORE THE DEADLINE, otherwise you have to come to the loan desk during working hours to return or to renew your overdue loans.
A renewal can be denied if another user has reserved the book or when it has reached the maximum number of renewals.

Journals & reference books

Unbound/bound journals and reference books are NOT available for borrowing. It is possible to photocopy some pages using the photocopier in the library entrance hall.