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The SISSA Library opening hours are:
MONDAY - THURSDAY 9-19 and FRIDAY 9-13. From 1/8 until 2/9 Mon-Fri 9-13.

Users authorized to access the SISSA building can STUDY or CONSULT printed collections in the main library room following anti-covid rules. The library staff provides further information on site.

Starting from April 2022, users are allowed to use: the self-loan system, one  terminal in the loan desk room to consult library resources, the blue room for studying only (keeping the door open and the safety distances).

a) To renew / borrow / return books

During the Library opening hours users can manage all operations asking to loan desk staff.
Who cannot come in person at loan desk:
- can ask renewals and reservations of books writing to (please specify the titles);
- can return books in the loan desk room (enter with your SISSA badge) in the red box placed near the self-loan system. 

Users enabled to use the self-loan system can manage their loans during the Library opening hours. 

b) To STUDY in the main library room (note: desks availability is limited)

   - Users with an official position in SISSA, but without an office, have priority to study in the main library room,
  - if necessary, students and guests with no official position in SISSA will be asked to leave the tables of the main library room available for SISSA users,
   - users who have access to a SISSA office are warmly requested to leave their bags and coats in their offices and bring only items that are essential for studying to the library.
To avoid crowding at the exit before the library closes, the exit will be managed by the library staff. Please be prepared to leave 30 minutes before library closure.

c) To CONSULT books/journals

The user must disinfect his/her hands previously. Hand sanitizers are available in the loan desk room and in several locations in the main library room.
After consulting, please put consulted books & journals at the collection points.