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How can I search for articles by using bibliographic databases?

Bibliographic databases allow you to identify the items through keywords, author, title, subject, name of the institution and DOI  or by combining them together.

  • In Web of Science , Scopus and MathSciNet you can add more search fields (author, title, affiliation,DOI etc.) by selecting them from a drop-down list.
  • You can also limit your search by time period, by subject area, or you can refine your search by selecting other parameters.

Bibliographic databases give you the citations, reference details of the articles, their online location and DOI (digital object identifier). DOIs are replacing article titles as a key search query for finding a known article, in part because they are often directly linked in PDFs and HTML full text.
If the library has a subscription to the journal you can download the full text through the internal SISSA network or the VPN connection.

If the article is not available, before submitting a Document Delivery (DD) request, try to search for the article by Journal title as explained in the FAQ:

 "How can I search for & request articles".