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What do I have to do before defending my thesis/before the expiration of my loan access?

PHD students have to:

  • return all their loans at least two working days BEFORE defending their theses. Any kind of exception has to be requested in person to loan desk staff (Ms Marina Picek or Ms Stefania Cantagalli The authorization can be given only under special circumstances.
  • Self-archive their theses in SISSA Digital Library. Please see the faq: Where & how can I self-archive my PhD thesis and my papers?


Other library users have to:

  • return their loans at least two working days BEFORE the expiration of their loan access. Please note: any extension to loan access have to be authorized by email (to from the office concerned or from the guest management program (by a SISSA permanent Faculty member).

All the users are kindly requested to reply to any e-mail sent by about their loans, otherwise the loan desk staff will have to contact users again.