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How can I find printed books/journals & ebooks in the SISSA collection?

How to find printed books/journals

SISSA catalog is the quickest way to search for printed books and journals by titles or authors.

After finding it on the “Search Results” page, pay attention to the icons present in the Flags column:
  • Red book icons refer to printed books;
  • Purple icons refer to printed journals;
  • Blue book icons refer to ebooks (please see the section How to find Ebooks below).

To check the availability of a PRINTED BOOK in the "Search Results" page, select its title. The “Catalogue Display” page will open, scroll down to the Item Information section (highlighted in yellow):

                (i) Status gives information about the availability of the book. If it is on loan, you may ask loan desk staff to reserve it. Please see the FAQ: How to reserve a book …;

                (ii) Shelf Location code (e.g. 57.08 CEL) indicates the location of the book in the Library based on its topic. Printed guides to finding a book by its location code are available in the library entrance hall (on the wall near the windows). Please note: in our Library there may be several books with the same shelf location code, but each book has a different barcode;

                (iii) Barcode (it always starts with some zeroes, e.g. 0000000026262) identifies uniquely every book of the library.
                              Users have to provide this code when they wish to have a specific edition of a book or a specific book from a series. You will find the barcode sticker on the inside of the back cover.
If a book is not present in our catalog, you may fill in the Request for interlibrary loan of books form.

To check the availability of a PRINTED JOURNAL in the "Search Results" page, select its title, then pay attention to the Catalogue Information section:

            the "Holdings" field gives you the summary of the journal issues and time periods available, as well as its location in the Library. Please note: it is NOT possible to have journals on loan. You can photocopy the article you need inside the library.
            Holdings codes explained:

                     - example a) "48 (1983) - 105 (2007); Library storage"  From vol. 48 of year 1983 to vol. 105 of year 2007. Location: Library storage (please do not enter the Library storage, ask loan desk personnel to retrieve the journal for you).

                     - example b) "1 (1993) -"  From vol. 1 of year 1993 onwards. If the location is not specified, the journal is in the main Library room. The volumes located in Grignano building are usually available on-line only.

        Please note: if you do not find the printed journal, please check our ELECTRONIC JOURNALS collection. Select E-journals and then insert a journal title. If the journal has been found, under Full Text access choose among the proposed access "platform" links.

How to find Ebooks

Please note: Ebooks are available only through the internal SISSA network or the VPN SISSA connection.

If during a SISSA catalog search you find the ebook icon against an item, you can view it selecting the "Online...  " link in the Holding information column.

However, a larger number of ebooks are available through an extended search using the search field on the main library website page.

1) On the main library website page insert the title (or a part of it)  in the search field, then select the Title option before selecting the search icon;
2) on the next displayed page, select the option "SISSA Catalog Only (books, ebooks, printed journal)" to limit your search to internal sources only, otherwise the search will be extended to an external database, which may provide information about the ebook, but not necessarily the access to the full text.
3)  After the update, select eBooks.
Printing restrictions: Some publishers allow to read the chapters online, but it is not possible to download & print them.
Check carefully the printed book catalog (please see the previous section), before filling the INTERLIBRARY LOAN FORM  or requesting book chapters through DOCUMENT DELIVERY FORM.